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An Old Practice, But Revolutionized.

Learn about how Skip the Warm-Up is disrupting the sports performance industry with heat therapy.


We’re Changing the Way the World Views Injuries

Skip The Warm-Up aims to create a line of flexible products that allow customers to apply heat while they work out. Whether your goal is to prevent injuries or rehabilitate from an injury, we can offer you an effective solution to ease your mind.

Our Product

We Deliver a Product Built for Athletes, Arthritis, Weightlifters, and More.

Injury Prevention

Our knee sleeve uses patent-pending technology to target the specific ligaments in the knee. This allows the ligaments to become more flexible and able to take on more force, therefore preventing injury.



Heat therapy is used by thousands of doctors and rehabilitation specialists. It is an effective pain reliever for individuals with arthritis and other injuries, as shown in many medical studies. Our knee sleeve helps offer that solution in a new application method to make it easier for you.

Mobility and Pain Relief

Our product stands out by offering our customers maximum mobility. Our knee sleeve can be worn during an activity and still apply heat. This allows you to wear it any time, anywhere, for whenever pain strikes. 



You asked, and we listened. See our pivoted prototype.

By utilizing the results from our research and development, Skip the Warm-Up offers a pivoted design, tailored to customer feedback. This helped us create a product specially designed for you, by people with simular needs.


 The Numbers.


ACL Tears a Year (CDC)


People with Athritis (CDC)


Total Addressable Market

Our Story

Sydney Gang, CEO and Founder

Sydney tore her ACL skiing, then within 24 months of her surgery tore her other ACL. She was like other athletes who struggle with rehabilitation and injury prevention until she found the benefits of heat therapy. She wanted to create a product that could apply heat while she performed, and that's where our story starts.

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